CeluvPlay 3rd AIRDROP event

AirDrop link : https://wn.nr/yYA2tG

?CeluvPlay 3rd AIRDROP EVENT?

⏲ EVENT Period : 28th Sep, 2022 ~ 18th Oct, 2022 (4weeks) (UTC)

? New Participants Airdrop : 4 CELA x 20,000

? 1st & 2nd & 3rd Event Participants : 5 CELB x ALL

? Winners Airdrop : 5 MATIC x 250

? Winner announcement : 21 October, 2022

About CeluvPlay❔

Celuvtv-based blockchain project that provides integrated live streaming service to around 5.6 million users through more than 100 broadcast service provider channels.

✳️Main keyword for CeluvPlay

A BaaS system that allows exchanges and trades between blockchain currencies without restrictions on countries and platforms. An original webtoon and character NFTs, and mining service produced by CeluvPlay.

✳️Key service of CeluvPlay Streaming service that can be freely sponsored Anywhere in the world using blockchain technology. celuvtv’s own webtoon and character NFT

About Celb❔ $Celb token is utilized as the governance token for the CeluvPlay blockchain platform business and is used for the final exit means of all BaaS-applied in-platform usage rewards and points, as well as for swapping to $Cela.

About Cela❔

$Cela is CeluvPlay's utility token, issues 1.8billion over 10 years (maximum of 40 thousand per day) Without private or public sales, about 70% of the cela will be distributed in the ecosystem to promote active community It will be distributed to the users as rewards for community participation, NFT holding and other activities.

AirDrop link : https://wn.nr/yYA2tG

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