LORDS of LAND airdrop - 100 LORD (~$6) tokens

AirDrop link : https://t.me/LordlandAirdropBot?start=5208039592

Please perform the tasks below to earn 100 LORD (~$6) tokens.

About Lords of Land:
Lords of Land (https://lordland.io/#/) is a meta-universe space composed of countless territories in Divinity, a virtual space parallel to the real world and independent of it.

Lords of Land is the newest and hottest GameFi game (https://twitter.com/lordsofland/status/1572122210747416576) in 2022.

Lords of Land listed on DappRadar (https://dappradar.com/binance-smart-chain/games/lords-of-land) and DappExpert (https://dapp.expert/dapp/en-bsc-lords-of-land).

Airdrop token rewards will be distributed to your wallet address after TGE and 1000 lucky random participants will be rewarded.

Referral Rewards :
Top 1: 1000 LORD
Top 2-10: 800 LORD
Top 11-50: 500 LORD
Top 51-100: 300 LORD

AirDrop link : https://t.me/LordlandAirdropBot?start=5208039592

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