ProBit Global x Student Coin (STC) Airdrop

AirDrop link :

Event Duration

3 October 2022, 00:00 UTC to 16 October 2022, 23:59 UTC

*Reward distribution will be processed within 2 weeks after the event end date.

▶ How to Get Student Coin (STC) Airdrop

Complete ANY of the following tasks below.

*All participants must complete both phone verification and KYC STEP 2 to be eligible to receive airdrops.

⭐️ TASK #1

Create a new account on ProBit Global and complete both phone verification and KYC STEP 2.
Reward: 180 STC

⭐️ TASK #2

Refer your friends to sign up at ProBit Global.

⭐️ TASK #3

Follow / join / subscribe to ProBit Global’s social media accounts.
Reward: 90 STC

⭐️ TASK #4

Retweet Twitter posts.
Reward: 90 STC

More informations on Probit

AirDrop link :

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